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Continue verb – To remain indefinitely in existence or in the same state.
Usage example: the heavy snow continued throughout the night

Persist is a synonym for continue in remain topic. In some cases you can use "Persist" instead a verb "Continue", when it comes to topics like activity, endure, proceed, stay. popular alternative
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Persist verb – To remain indefinitely in existence or in the same state.
Usage example: my headache persisted for almost the entire day

Continue is a synonym for persist in persevere topic. You can use "Continue" instead a verb "Persist", if it concerns topics such as remain, activity, endure, proceed. popular alternative
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Common collocations

way continue way persist way
times continue times persist times

Both words in one sentence

  • Off the Rails Performing quests for each faction may make opposing factions warn you that they'll stop accepting your support if you persist in helping the other factions - if you continue, you'll no longer be able to progress in their missions (though they will remain non-hostile as long as you don't).
    Source: Off the Rails
  • Unless their hearts are somehow destroyed, dragons can continue to persist as Meat Moss and can eventually reconstitute themselves.
  • Video Game / Final Fantasy XI Final Fantasy XI: Rumors continue to persist that the Beastmen are plotting to use a dark ritual to resurrect the Shadow Lord.
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