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Cop noun – A member of a force charged with law enforcement at the local level.
Usage example: a cop stopped her for speeding

Fuzz is a synonym for cop in law topic. In some cases you can use "Fuzz" instead a noun "Cop", when it comes to topics like policeperson. popular alternative
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Fuzz noun – A body of officers of the law.
Usage example: we've got to get out of here before the fuzz catches on to our scam

Cop is a synonym for fuzz in law topic. You can use "Cop" instead a noun "Fuzz". popular alternative
Nearby Words: fuzzy, fuzzed, fuzzily, fuzzing
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How words are described

regular regular cop regular fuzz
dead dead cop dead fuzz
great great cop great fuzz
black black cop black fuzz
Other adjectives: white.

Both words in one sentence

  • The London precinct in Hot Fuzz actually transfers their one good cop so he doesn't make them look bad.
  • Hot Fuzz: Come for the Brit-humor Deconstruction of every cop-movie trope ever, stay for the awesome playing-straight of every cop-movie trope ever.
  • Hot Fuzz self consciously uses every possible cop movie trope it can, often hanging a lampshade on them, while paying tribute to those films.
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