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Cop noun – A member of a force charged with law enforcement at the local level.
Usage example: a cop stopped her for speeding

Man and cop are semantically related in law topic. In some cases you can use "Man" instead a noun "Cop", when it comes to topics like policeperson.
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Man noun – A body of officers of the law.
Usage example: the crowd of onlookers quickly scattered when the man arrived on the scene

Cop and man are semantically related in law topic. Sometimes you can use "Cop" instead a noun "Man", if it concerns topics such as police officer, officer of the law.
Nearby Words: manly, manful, manhood, manliness, manfully
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How words are described

fellow fellow cop fellow man
human human cop human man
nice nice cop nice man
best best cop best man
Other adjectives: better, normal, ordinary, handsome, single, real, big, great, bad, crooked, black, innocent, young, white, new, crazy, strange, last, older, middle-aged, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • However, it turns out that the cop and the man had planned the improper search between them; they'd been having a relationship for some time.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent has detective Mike Logan shoot a man who turns out to be reaching for his badge — he was an undercover cop.
  • Hill Street Blues: A man is holding someone hostage with a gun on them, and informs the cop that he is going to kill them unless the cop kills him first.
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