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Course verb – To go after or on the track of.
Usage example: after coursing the conspirators for months, the federal agents closed in and made the arrests

Run is a synonym for course in route topic. In some cases you can use "Run" instead the word "Course" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like activity, move, order, nature. popular alternative
Nearby Words: coursed, coursing, courser, courseware
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Run verb – To go at a pace faster than a walk.
Usage example: we ran all the way to the bus stop, but still missed the bus

Course is a synonym for run in sequence topic. You can use "Course" instead the word "Run" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as route, move, order, direction. popular alternative
Nearby Word: running
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How words are described

good good course good run
long long course long run
particular particular course particular run
better better course better run
Other adjectives: normal, short, regular, current, standard, original, straight, single, small, actual, entire, real, quick, main, new, general, final, next, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • Death Course However, after being asked by the Grim Reaper('s assistant) to try to avoid the grinding gears at the beginning, since it jams the whole course and takes forever to clear up, the character throws the Grim Reaper into the gears to jam the whole course and run back to life.
    Source: Death Course
  • Video Game / Knights of the Old Republic The series started eight years before the first game and follows the course of the Mandalorian Wars, most prominently the adventures of Zayne Carrick, a wrongly accused Jedi Padawan on the run.
  • The men usually run on Rule of Funny, but take several levels in badass over the course of the series.
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