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Run noun – A prevailing or general movement or inclination.
Series is a synonym for run in sequence topic. In some cases you can use "Series" instead a noun "Run", when it comes to topics like order.
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Series noun – Similar things placed in order or happening one after another.
Run is a synonym for series in order topic. You can use "Run" instead a noun "Series", if it concerns topics such as sequence.
Nearby Word: serially
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How words are described

old old run old series
full full run full series
long long run long series
short short run short series
Other adjectives: regular, original, many, popular, actual, entire, main, new, early, final, short-lived, limited, later, next, last, comic, previous, ongoing.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Firefly This was inadvertently done to the series as a whole, as the episodes were aired out of order during their original run on Fox.
  • Ironically, in a nightmare sequence near the series' run, he gets shot by machine-gun-wielding giant mice, ending up with multiple bullet holes in his coat, but he's still not dead.
  • Series / Too Close for Comfort Title Sequence Replacement: Syndicated reruns of the ABC run of the series replace the opening titles with those from the season that ran chronologically after the season the episode actually aired.
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