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Crowd noun – A great number of persons or creatures massed together.
Usage example: a huge crowd of fans was on hand to greet the returning World Series champions

Press is a synonym for crowd in push topic. In some cases you can use "Press" instead the word "Crowd" as a verb or a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like flock, multitude, throng, collect. popular alternative
Nearby Words: crowded, crowding
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Press noun – A great number of persons or creatures massed together.
Usage example: he pushed his way through the press of people outside the courthouse

Crowd is a synonym for press in activity topic. You can use "Crowd" instead the word "Press" as a noun or a verb or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as push, horde, collect, fill. popular alternative
Nearby Words: pressed, pressing, pressroom
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How words are described

good good crowd good press
popular popular crowd popular press
small small crowd small press
great great crowd great press
Other adjectives: huge, wrong, bad, new, general, random, assembled.

Common collocations

number crowd number press number

Both words in one sentence

  • After beating him, he has a press conference where he publicly outs Superman's identity... Cue Lois and Clark appearing in the crowd with Superman (from this 'verse) standing near Tempus.
  • Chyna went for the pin, pulled Ivory up at the count of two, and then opted to gorilla press a defenseless Ivory to a cheering crowd.
    Source: Squash Match
  • Film / The Cameraman Meet Cute: Buster is squeezed up next to Sally by the press of the crowd at the tickertape parade.
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