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Declare verb – To state clearly and strongly.
Usage example: our guest enthusiastically declared that the pie was the best he had ever eaten

Say is a synonym for declare in words topic. In some cases you can use "Say" instead a verb "Declare", when it comes to topics like assert, affirm.
Nearby Words: declaration, declared, declaring, declarable, declarer
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Say verb – To express (a thought or emotion) in words.
Usage example: why don't you just say what's on your mind?

Declare is a synonym for say in state topic. You can use "Declare" instead a verb "Say", if it concerns topics such as words, assert, affirm, make declaration.
Nearby Word: saying
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Common collocations

people declare people say people
god declare god say god
death declare death say death
nothing declare nothing say nothing
Other nouns: war, everyone, son, names.

Both words in one sentence

  • My Greatest Failure The hero will often declare "It's All My Fault" while their friends and family say "You Did Everything You Could."
  • The subversion comes when the player notices that the NPCs actually do haul what they declare they are hauling and head towards where they say they are heading.
  • They tend to strip all the supernatural and ceremonial elements out of Buddhism and declare it a philosophy, or say it's something other than a religion.
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