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Declare verb – To make known openly or publicly.
Express is a synonym for declare in state topic. In some cases you can use "Express" instead a verb "Declare", when it comes to topics like speech, proclaim, words, maintain.
Nearby Words: declaration, declared, declaring, declarable, declarer
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Express verb – To make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion).
Usage example: in a true democracy, a person can freely express his or her views

Declare is a synonym for express in state topic. You can use "Declare" instead a verb "Express", if it concerns topics such as articulate, words, maintain.
Nearby Words: expression, expressive, expressed, expressly, expressing
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Common collocations

love declare love express love
desire declare desire express desire
intent declare intent express intent
intention declare intention express intention
Other nouns: power, dislike, feelings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Of the Hogwarts Express, he has Andrew Norton declare: "it runs on sloppily-defined magic principles", and refers to it as the "franchise express".
  • Film / Lincoln When the Democrats force Stevens to declare his beliefs on racial equality, he either has to express more moderate views, which would be anathema to the Radical Republicans and those who support abolition, or be completely honest about them and seriously jeopardize the passing of the 13th amendment.
  • There is also a subversion; The conservation group in charge of protecting the penguins decides that the best way to curb the sudden overpopulation (caused by Planet Express' dark matter) is to break out the guns and declare it penguin-hunting season.
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