Deficiency and Failure


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Deficiency noun – A falling short of an essential or desirable amount or number.
Usage example: there is a deficiency of fresh food in the diet of many of the working poor

Failure is a synonym for deficiency in insufficiency topic. In some cases you can use "Failure" instead a noun "Deficiency", when it comes to topics like imperfection. popular alternative
Nearby Words: deficient, deficit, deficiently
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Failure noun – A falling short of one's goals.
Usage example: the failure of the school's fund-raising drive was a big disappointment to all

Deficiency is a synonym for failure in negligence topic. You can use "Deficiency" instead a noun "Failure", if it concerns topics such as inadequacy, insufficiency, lack of success. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fail, failing, failed
Synonyms for Failure

How words are described

relative relative deficiency relative failure
single single deficiency single failure
real real deficiency real failure
severe severe deficiency severe failure
Other adjectives: massive, temporary, perceived, sudden.

Both words in one sentence

  • A poster for the movie Deadline, featuring actress Brittany Murphy lying dead in a bathtub had to be altered after Brittany Murphy was found dead in her shower from heart failure, caused by a mix of prescription drug intoxication, iron-deficiency anemia, and pneumonia.
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