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Definite adjective – Having no exceptions or restrictions.
Usage example: the house is a definite bargain by today's standards

Flat is a synonym for definite. In some cases you can use "Flat" instead an adjective "Definite".
Nearby Words: definitely, definitive, definition, definitively
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Flat adjective – Having been established and usually not subject to change.
Usage example: charged a flat rate for overseas calls

Definite is a synonym for flat in set topic. Sometimes you can use "Definite" instead an adjective "Flat", if it concerns topics such as absolute, outright.
Nearby Words: flatter, flatly, flatness, flatlet, flatting
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Things that words describes

girl definite girl flat girl
character definite character flat character
style definite style flat style
look definite look flat look
Other nouns: face, tone, edge, nothing, side.

Both words in one sentence

  • The late '90s/early '00s "Millennium Era" was a definite step down, with several films that were either mediocre or flat-out weird, but just as it seemed that the series was becoming a Franchise Zombie, Toho capped it off with Godzilla Final Wars, an excellent Grand Finale for the franchise.
  • Floating Continent The moon-sized Cocoon in Final Fantasy XIII is unique in that, rather than being a flat strip of land with a definite surface and bottom, it is actually a miniature Dyson sphere, complete with its own "sun", the Fal'Cie (robot god) Phoenix.
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