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Delight noun – A source of great satisfaction.
Usage example: the opportunity for travel was one of the major delights of the couple's golden years

Joy is a synonym for delight in pleasure topic. In some cases you can use "Joy" instead the word "Delight" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like enjoyment, state, contentment, happy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: delightful, delighted, delightfully, delightedly, delighting
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Joy noun – A feeling or state of well-being and contentment.
Usage example: the inexpressible joy that the couple are feeling upon the birth of their first child

Delight is a synonym for joy in pleasure topic. You can use "Delight" instead the word "Joy" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as state, treasure, contentment, happy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: joyful, joyous, joyless, joyfully, joyously
Synonyms for Joy

How words are described

pure pure delight pure joy
particular particular delight particular joy
certain certain delight certain joy
utter utter delight utter joy
Other adjectives: true, genuine, sheer, obvious, savage, simple, real, gleeful, extreme, great, perverse, absolute, childish, childlike, unexpected, fiendish, immense, surprised, giddy, unbridled, sadistic.

Both words in one sentence

  • The populace sees them as wondrous spirits of much delight and joy, but in true Fair Folk-fashion, they are actually rather monstrous people who lure poor humans into their hedonist cults and enslave and humiliate them (at best), and engage in violent and rapist revelries.
  • Happy Rain His rain routine works and the family is overwhelmed with joy, screaming with delight and hugging themselves.
    Source: Happy Rain
  • Film / The Power of the Press Bill takes delight in tripping Clem in the office, he tries to steal Clem's story about the DA's murder, and he literally does a dance of joy when Clem is fired and booted out of the newsroom.
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