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Demand verb – To ask for (something) earnestly or with authority.
Usage example: the losing party demanded a recount of the votes cast in the election

Require is a synonym for demand in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Require" instead a verb "Demand", when it comes to topics like request, matter, means, coerce. popular alternative
Nearby Words: demanding, demanded, demandant
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Require verb – To have as a requirement.
Usage example: the toy requires four batteries, which are not included

Demand is a synonym for require in activity topic. You can use "Demand" instead the word "Require" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as request, ask, order, matter. popular alternative
Synonyms for Require

Common collocations

attention demand attention require attention
help demand help require help
power demand power require power
people demand people require people
Other nouns: kind, protection, sort, number, death, use, money, food, sacrifice, conditions, sacrifices, amounts, reflexes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Since the vast majority of the population will require at least one organ transplant, a huge majority are addicted to Zydrate, and the fact that most of the rest become addicted to surgery means that Zydrate is in high demand so that surgeries can be engaged in casually.
  • Video Game / Super Solvers Most races don't require all the best parts, but some races do demand a very specific piece, and if you can't get that piece because you can't get around the red springs, you'll never be able to beat Morty, no matter what pieces you use.
  • Automaton Horses While properly trained warhorses will do almost anything their riders demand of them, ordinary draft or riding horses require rather difficult Ride or Handle Animal checks to cope with combat.
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