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Dependable adjective – Worthy of one's trust.
Usage example: seeking a dependable person to look after their summer home in the off-season

Responsible is a synonym for dependable in sensible topic. In some cases you can use "Responsible" instead an adjective "Dependable", when it comes to topics like trust, reliable. popular alternative
Nearby Words: depend, dependability, dependably, dependence, dependant
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Responsible adjective – Worthy of one's trust.
Usage example: our regular babysitter is very responsible

Dependable is a synonym for responsible in reliable topic. You can use "Dependable" instead an adjective "Responsible", if it concerns topics such as sensible, trust, trustworthy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: responsibility, responsive, response, respond, responsibly
Synonyms for Responsible

Things that words describes

person dependable person responsible person
friend dependable friend responsible friend
man dependable man responsible man
individual dependable individual responsible individual
Other nouns: guy, woman, people, member, family, way, figure, characters, leader, brother, soldier, sister, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Capricorns are reliable, responsible, dependable and other words that end in "ible".
  • Standard '50s Father The Standard '50s Father is solid, dependable, and responsible.
  • Anime / I'm Gonna Be an Angel! That said, the last episode plays it straight again, though — in the climax scene, it shows that Mikael is totally dependable on his teacher and helpless without his help, while Raphael appears as a strict and unbending, leaving his student to clean up the mess his responsible for.
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