Depression and Sadness


Depression noun - A state or spell of low spirits.
Usage example: we threw our friend a party just to jar him out of his depression

Sadness is a synonym for depression in melancholy topic. In some cases you can use "Sadness" instead a noun "Depression", when it comes to topics like despair, mental condition, grief, feelings. popular alternative


Sadness noun - A state or spell of low spirits.
Usage example: she was filled with sadness at the thought of having to leave her family

Depression is a synonym for sadness in melancholy topic. You can use "Depression" instead a noun "Sadness", if it concerns topics such as unhappiness, mental condition, despondency, feelings. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sad, sadly

How words are described

human human depression human sadness
pure pure depression pure sadness
long long depression long sadness
mild mild depression mild sadness
Other adjectives: initial, genuine, deep, obvious, heavy, actual, extreme, intense, slight, terrible, horrible, inner, general, immense, subsequent, repressed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Sdrawkcab Name The first features in Axis and is an inversion of the Hulk, who instead of Hulking Out because of anger becomes what it is by sadness and depression.
  • Series / Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Make My Monster Grow: The Yōkai absorb lightning made from depression and sadness to grow.
  • Video Game / But That Was Yesterday The protagonist (which is you) is dark blue, which symbolizes sadness and depression.
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