Description and Report


Description noun - A vivid representation in words of someone or something.
Usage example: we immediately recognized the man from our cousin's description of him
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Synonyms for Description

Report is a synonym for description in account topic. In some cases you can use "Report" instead a noun "Description", when it comes to topics like words, chronicle, writing.


Report noun - A loud explosive sound.

Description is a synonym for report in account topic. You can use "Description" instead a noun "Report", if it concerns topics such as story, words.

How words are described

good good description good report
full full description full report
long long description long report
detailed detailed description detailed report
Other adjectives: better, similar, brief, short, formal, standard, original, initial, accurate, actual, entire, real, bad, infamous, quick, main, vague, later, inaccurate, official, different, written.

Both words in one sentence

  • In an episode of Blue Heelers, Kelly is suspicious of a teenager's report of an armed robbery, noting the incredibly detailed description of the robber's outfit.
  • Big Bird even lampshaded it once; when Snuffy went missing in one episode and BB called the police (an Anything Muppet) to take a report, part of his description was that he said "Oh dear" a lot.
  • Weasel News would later report the event as "ritual suicide" — an ironically apt description of what the cultists ended up "accomplishing".
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