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Determine verb – To come to a judgment about after discussion or consideration.
Usage example: trying to determine which direction we were facing

Name is a synonym for determine in allocation topic. In some cases you can use "Name" instead a verb "Determine", when it comes to topics like specify.
Nearby Words: determination, determining, determinative, determiner, determinating
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Name verb – To decide upon (the time or date for an event) usually from a position of authority.
Usage example: you name the date and I'll make sure I'm there

Determine is a synonym for name in allocation topic. Sometimes you can use "Determine" instead a verb "Name".
Nearby Words: named, nameless, naming
Synonyms for Name

Common collocations

character determine character name character
people determine people name people
part determine part name part
name determine name name name
Other nouns: place, form, price, time, way, species, game, successor.

Both words in one sentence

  • GPS Evidence In Pygmalion, Henry Higgins can determine a Londoner's address down to the street name by his accent alone.
    Source: GPS Evidence
  • The Mario characters create a new world that is initially named Mario Land, but each one wants to name the world after himself or herself, so they have a contest to determine who gets to name it.
  • The goal in every case to clear the name of their client and determine the true culprit.
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