Difference and Misunderstanding


Difference noun - Variance of opinion on a matter.
Usage example: we must try to settle our differences without fighting

Misunderstanding is a synonym for difference in variance topic. In some cases you can use "Misunderstanding" instead a noun "Difference", when it comes to topics like disagreement, discrepancy.


Misunderstanding noun - An often noisy or angry expression of differing opinions.
Usage example: tried to resolve their misunderstandings peacefully

Difference is a synonym for misunderstanding in disagreement topic. You can use "Difference" instead a noun "Misunderstanding", if it concerns topics such as argument, variance, discrepancy.

Nearby Word: misunderstand

How words are described

clear clear difference clear misunderstanding
exact exact difference exact misunderstanding
single single difference single misunderstanding
sheer sheer difference sheer misunderstanding
Other adjectives: obvious, small, real, massive, large, big, extreme, serious, huge, little, slight, interesting, major, possible, minor, fundamental, cultural, bigger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Last Wave Children Are Innocent Culture Clash: One of the prevalent themes in the movie is the difference and misunderstanding between the white Australians and the Aboriginal people.
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