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Digit noun – A character used to represent a mathematical value.
Usage example: you only need to fill in the last two digits of the year in which you were born

Number is a synonym for digit in integer topic. In some cases you can use "Number" instead a noun "Digit", when it comes to topics like representation, numeral, code, figures. popular alternative
Nearby Words: digital, digitize, digitise, digitization, digitate
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Number noun – A character used to represent a mathematical value.
Usage example: asked him to write out the equation in numbers, not letters

Digit is a synonym for number in numeral topic. You can use "Digit" instead a noun "Number", if it concerns topics such as integer, symbol, representation, code. popular alternative
Nearby Words: numberless, numbered, numbering
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How words are described

correct correct digit correct number
single single digit single number
wrong wrong digit wrong number
final final digit final number
Other adjectives: significant, next, last, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • This is also how they list their Shipping, so don't be surprised if a Yaoi Fangirl has a sort of random four digit (or sometimes five or six or more digit) number in their fanfic summaries.
  • Excited Show Title! This is actually a series, and the number of exclamation points is variable (there's usually a digit or Roman numeral thrown in as well).
  • Series / Square One TV Each episode had a three-digit code; the first digit represented the season number, and the next two digits represented the episode number.
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