Disclose and Tell


Disclose verb - To make known (as information previously kept secret).
Usage example: the informer disclosed all sorts of details about the secret organization

Tell is a synonym for disclose in reveal topic. In some cases you can use "Tell" instead a verb "Disclose", when it comes to topics like knowledge, confess, indicate, broadcast. popular alternative

Nearby Words: disclosure, disclosing


Tell verb - To give an oral or written account of in some detail.
Usage example: they told the story of how they had met

Disclose is a synonym for tell in reveal topic. You can use "Disclose" instead a verb "Tell", if it concerns topics such as knowledge, acknowledgement, communicate, confess. popular alternative

Nearby Words: telling, teller

Common collocations

truth disclose truth tell truth
name disclose name tell name
location disclose location tell location
information disclose information tell information
Other words: secret, secrets.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Alfred J. Kwak When somebody has paid him to disclose secres, he simply has to tell them (even if the buyer alredy knows the secrets).
  • Video Game / Metroid 1 We can't disclose it here, but we can tell you that the game is not over yet!
  • Podcast / Dice Funk Will Not Tell a Lie: Jayne hates telling lies, even if it is a necessity, and will then disclose the truth when it is safe to do so.
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