Impart and Tell


Impart verb - Transmit (knowledge or skills).
Usage example: impart a new skill to the students

Tell is a synonym for impart in communicate topic. In some cases you can use "Tell" instead a verb "Impart", when it comes to topics like speech, knowledge, language, make known.

Nearby Words: imparting, impartible


Tell verb - To make known (as information previously kept secret).
Usage example: I won't tell your secret to anyone

Impart is a synonym for tell in communicate topic. You can use "Impart" instead a verb "Tell", if it concerns topics such as knowledge.

Nearby Words: telling, teller

Common collocations

information impart information tell information

Both words in one sentence

  • She grabs a little kid who has been separated from his parents; she tries to tell him how to survive, only for his mother to show up and grab him off Donna before she can impart her life-saving knowledge.
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