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Divergence noun – A movement in different directions away from a common point.
Split is a synonym for divergence in radiation topic. In some cases you can use "Split" instead a noun "Divergence".
Nearby Words: diversion, divergent, diversity, divergency, diverging
Synonyms for Divergence


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Split noun – An irregular usually narrow break in a surface created by pressure.
Divergence is a synonym for split in division topic. Sometimes you can use "Divergence" instead a noun "Split", if it concerns topics such as radiation, difference.
Nearby Words: splice, splitting, splitter
Synonyms for Split

How words are described

full full divergence full split
clear clear divergence clear split
initial initial divergence initial split
actual actual divergence actual split
Other adjectives: massive, large, big, great, huge, main, major, immediate, final, apparent, later, further, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • And yet some points of divergence seem to stem all the way back to Pangaea, which split up differently from how it did in our timeline.
  • The divergence occurs initially from a slightly different outcome of the interaction between two minor socialist groups at the end of the 1800s, which ends up averting a split in both that weakened the whole movement, and thus setting off a cascade of butterfly effect changes.
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