Domain and Region


Domain noun - Territory over which rule or control is exercised.
Usage example: his domain extended into Europe
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Synonyms for Domain

Region is a synonym for domain in field topic. In some cases you can use "Region" instead a noun "Domain", when it comes to topics like sphere, area, place, section. popular alternative


Region noun - A broad geographical area.
Usage example: corn is mostly grown in the central regions of the country
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Synonyms for Region

Domain is a synonym for region in sphere topic. You can use "Domain" instead a noun "Region", if it concerns topics such as area, field, section. popular alternative

Nearby Words: regional, regionalism, regionally

How words are described

full full domain full region
particular particular domain particular region
specific specific domain specific region
single single domain single region
Other adjectives: small, entire, big, dangerous, lower, main, new, general, vast, next, different, historical, northern, populated, largest, wider.

Both words in one sentence

  • They are both from the Reach, boast descent from Garth Greenhand and are disputing domain over the region for most of the contemporary era.
  • Snow Means Death Researchers of Slavic Mythology believe that the winter was together with death and nightmares a domain of the goddess Morana, in a rather clear association of the snowy season with death in the mind of an inhabitant of central-eastern region of Europe.
  • In fact, if you walk through a door in Zora's Domain and keep walkin' for about two meters, you'll end up in a snowy mountain region!
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