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Drop verb – To cause to fall intentionally or unintentionally.
Leave is a synonym for drop in abandon topic. In some cases you can use "Leave" instead a verb "Drop", when it comes to topics like put, relinquish, give up, set down.
Nearby Words: dropped, dropping, droplet, dropout, dropper
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Leave verb – To cause to remain behind.
Drop is a synonym for leave in give up topic. You can use "Drop" instead a verb "Leave", if it concerns topics such as abandon, relinquish, dump, forget. informal substitute
Nearby Words: leaving, leaven, leaved, leaver
Synonyms for Leave

How words are described

nice nice drop nice leave
long long drop long leave
short short drop short leave
single single drop single leave
Other adjectives: strong, huge, decent, possible, final, extra, subsequent, last, sudden.

Common collocations

system drop system leave system
series drop series leave series
money drop money leave money

Both words in one sentence

  • Mic Drop The "I'll Just Leave This Here" taunt of Rath from Battleborn has him drop one of his swords in this fashion.
    Source: Mic Drop
  • Disney Villain Death After insisting to Ezio that no man could kill him, Ezio decides to drop him off a castle wall and "leave him in the hands of fate."
  • The guest player starts with none of the items they have in their 1-player game, and when they leave they drop everything they're carrying.
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