Drop and Lose


Drop verb - To fail to win, gain, or obtain.
Usage example: the local hockey team has dropped two out of the last three contests

Lose is a synonym for drop in abandon topic. In some cases you can use "Lose" instead a verb "Drop", when it comes to topics like get, negligence. popular alternative

Nearby Words: dropped, dropping, droplet, dropout, dropper


Lose verb - To fail to win, gain, or obtain.
Usage example: if the team loses this game, they're out of the play-offs

Drop is a synonym for lose in mislay topic. You can use "Drop" instead a verb "Lose", if it concerns topics such as action, get, negligence, be defeated. popular alternative

Nearby Words: loser, losing

Common collocations

part drop part lose part
amount drop amount lose amount
level drop level lose level
health drop health lose health
Other words: money, title, weight, items, times, points, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • However, the real way to win the game is to deliberately lose and drop out of the game while hauling in a profit.
  • This means you always lose one of those three items - recruit Ellion and lose his drop, recruit Millia and lose her drop, or recruit non of them and lose the item you get from recruiting.
  • Video Game / Fallout You can drop your weapon, lose your ammo, lose your turn, injure yourself, and so on.
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