Duration and Time


Duration noun - The period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress.
Usage example: for the whole duration of the speech the bored audience fidgeted

Time is a synonym for duration in length topic. In some cases you can use "Time" instead a noun "Duration", when it comes to topics like event, time period, full length. popular alternative


Time noun - The period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress.
Usage example: how much time will the project take?

Duration is a synonym for time in period topic. You can use "Duration" instead a noun "Time", if it concerns topics such as length, while, time period. popular alternative

Nearby Words: timed, timely, timing, timeout, timeliness

How words are described

good good duration good time
full full duration full time
long long duration long time
normal normal duration normal time
Other adjectives: specific, brief, short, set, right, certain, original, single, actual, entire, great, limited, extra, remaining, next, different, longest, longer, shorter.

Both words in one sentence

  • Time Crash The Khajiit, a cat-like race on Tamriel whose mythology was heavily steeped in the two moons, used those as a basis for time, despite time otherwise being non-linear through this event's duration.
    Source: Time Crash
  • In Skool Daze, there is an event where a student has the mumps and you must avoid all physical contact with him for the duration of break-time (a few minutes).
  • Time Stands Still In the same series, characters such as Death, his fellow Horsemen, and his granddaughter Susan, can move around "outside time" (time stops but duration continues).
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