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Effortlessly adverb – Without difficulty.
Simply and effortlessly are semantically related. in very well topic. In some cases you can use "Simply" instead an adverb "Effortlessly", when it comes to topics like without difficulty.
Nearby Words: effort, effortless, effortful, effortlessness
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Simply adverb – For nothing other than.
Effortlessly and simply are semantically related. You can use "Effortlessly" instead an adverb "Simply".
Nearby Words: simple, simplistic
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Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Darkseid While Superman initially appears to have the upper hand, Darkseid simply changes tactics, effortlessly incapacitating him.
  • Play-Along Prisoner In Asterix in Britain Obelix, after being captured while drunk and put in the Tower of Londinium, simply decides to walk out and effortlessly rips his chains from the walls and pushes down the door.
  • Shooting Superman She simply smirks as she bats the shots aside effortlessly, commenting, "Those are the biggest, slowest bullets I've ever seen."
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