Embrace and Involve


Embrace verb - To surround or cover closely.
Usage example: the stone walls that embrace the monastery serve to symbolize its function as a retreat from an unquiet world

Involve is a synonym for embrace in include topic. In some cases you can use "Involve" instead a verb "Embrace", when it comes to topics like accept, comprise, take into account. popular alternative

Nearby Words: embraced, embracing


Involve verb - To have as part of a whole.
Usage example: a tragic play usually involves a number of plot devices, including the hero's fatal flaw

Embrace is a synonym for involve in include topic. You can use "Embrace" instead a verb "Involve", if it concerns topics such as accept, contain, comprise, draw in. popular alternative

Nearby Words: involvement, involving

Common collocations

love embrace love involve love
character embrace character involve character
violence embrace violence involve violence
men embrace men involve men
Other words: children, death, magic, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Lars von Trier In addition, his Father used to routinely condemn "Golden Hearts" like Jesus Christ, eventually causing him to embrace Christianity in an act of rebellion (this also inspired the title of his second Trilogy, all of which involve self-sacrificting heroines).
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