Endless and Limitless


Endless adjective - Being or seeming to be without limits.
Usage example: from the promontory visitors can look out over an endless sea

Limitless is a synonym for endless in unlimited topic. In some cases you can use "Limitless" instead an adjective "Endless", when it comes to topics like boundless, widespread, eternal, limited. popular alternative

Nearby Words: end, endlessly, endlessness


Limitless adjective - Being or seeming to be without limits.
Usage example: the limitless nature of the universe is awe-inspiring

Endless is a synonym for limitless in infinite topic. You can use "Endless" instead an adjective "Limitless", if it concerns topics such as boundless, unlimited, widespread, limited. popular alternative

Nearby Word: limit

Both words in one sentence

  • Heaven It is a realm of endless, glorious light and limitless power, and it's home to angels, beings of pure energy and unflagging resolve.
    Source: Heaven
  • The player can give himself limitless ammo if they chose to do so, though on the challange mode, this is automatically given, since the player is fighting endless waves of planes.
  • Love Hurts When they found her, Elina was turned into an artificial Endless, in order to exploits her love as an limitless fuel for the Carronade.
    Source: Love Hurts
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