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Ensuing adjective – Being the one that comes immediately after another.
Future is a synonym for ensuing. In some cases you can use "Future" instead an adjective "Ensuing".
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Future adjective – Of a time after the present.
Usage example: we must preserve our national parks in all their glory so that future generations can experience the majesty of nature

Ensuing is a synonym for future in later topic. You can use "Ensuing" instead an adjective "Future", if it concerns topics such as forthcoming.
Nearby Words: futurist, futurism
Synonyms for Future

Both words in one sentence

  • Butterfly of Doom For example, by sending units back in time to fight alongside themselves, if the original units are damaged in the ensuing battle, the future versions will be also damaged when the next timewave comes by.
  • Pyrrhic Victory Season 7 has Sam and Dean successfully kill the Leviathans and save humanity from a future of being mindless cattle, but Dean and Castiel are sent to Purgatory in the ensuing blast, Meg and Kevin are captured by Crowley's demons, and Bobby by then has passed on.
  • He self-destructed on purpose because he could see the future and knew that R2 needed to go with Luke, or even Skippy's Parody Sue skills couldn't stop Reality from Ensuing badly.
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