Ensuing and Subsequent


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Ensuing adjective – Being the one that comes immediately after another.
Usage example: business was slow in the restaurant's first year, but the ensuing year saw a much-needed increase

Subsequent is a synonym for ensuing in following topic. In some cases you can use "Subsequent" instead an adjective "Ensuing", when it comes to topics like resultant, consequent, next, succeeding. popular alternative
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Subsequent adjective – Being, occurring, or carried out at a time after something else.
Usage example: I'll do the first problem as an example, but all subsequent efforts must be done on your own

Ensuing is a synonym for subsequent in following topic. You can use "Ensuing" instead an adjective "Subsequent", if it concerns topics such as consequent, after, next, resultant. popular alternative
Nearby Words: subsequently, subsequence
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  • Tabletop Game / Warhammer The End Times The Ogres and Orcs combining into one force, the death of several leaders from both groups in the ensuing power struggle, and their subsequent destruction of the Chaos Dwarves civilization and the never-really-developed human empires to the east are mentioned only in passing.
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