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Erase verb – To destroy all traces of.
Usage example: yet another animal species has been erased from this earth

Obliterate is a synonym for erase in delete topic. In some cases you can use "Obliterate" instead a verb "Erase", when it comes to topics like destroy, efface, help, action. popular alternative
Nearby Words: erasure, erasing, erasable, eraser
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Obliterate verb – To destroy all traces of.
Usage example: in a stroke, the March snowstorm obliterated our hopes for an early spring

Erase is a synonym for obliterate in destroy topic. You can use "Erase" instead a verb "Obliterate", if it concerns topics such as help, action, annihilate, eliminate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: obliteration, obliterating
Synonyms for Obliterate

Common collocations

humanity erase humanity obliterate humanity
mind erase mind obliterate mind
life erase life obliterate life
way erase way obliterate way
Other nouns: world, memory, anyone, everyone, names, souls, memories, civilizations.

Both words in one sentence

  • Conventionally, it can erase its opponent from existence and its weakest attack has enough power to obliterate several of the Database Battleships (built with similar technology), making it the most powerful Original Generation in the franchise.
  • Web Animation / Death Battle Mewtwo could read Shadow's mind- allowing it to predict Shadow's moves and tactics- and it can alter memories from its enemies with precision- allowing it to completely erase Shadow's memories and obliterate his ability to fight.
  • Chunky Salsa Rule Additionally, drawbridges (aka "Dwarven Atom Smashers") can be used to obliterate almost anything; if it's opened on top of something that isn't too large, it will erase every trace of whatever got crushed by it from existence.
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