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Especially adverb – To a great degree.
Usage example: that university is especially strong in the sciences

Specially is a synonym for especially in particularly topic. In some cases you can use "Specially" instead an adverb "Especially", when it comes to topics like exceptionally, expressly, very, individually. popular alternative
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Specially adverb – In regard to something mentioned explicitly or in detail.
Usage example: the supplementary material was specially intended to address earlier accusations of cultural bias

Especially is a synonym for specially in particularly topic. You can use "Especially" instead an adverb "Specially", if it concerns topics such as specifically, individually, expressly. popular alternative
Nearby Words: special, specialty, speciality, specialist, specialization
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  • He especially respects older woman and tends to be a funny innocent pervert with her two best friends Sapphire and Lily, specially with Lily who he teases a lot.
  • Series / The Wild Wild West It was Loveless's son Death Trap: Most episodes, especially in season one, from the classic Descending Ceiling to a glass box specially rigged to become a Gas Chamber if escape was attempted.
  • Series / The Jerry Springer Show The audience tends to be OK with just about any kind of crazy behavior, except bigotry, and, especially not anti-Semitism, and,'specially, anti-Semitism directed towards Jerry.
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