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Event noun – Something that happens.
Usage example: dinnertime was devoted to talking over the day's events, not to watching television

Occurrence is a synonym for event in occasion topic. In some cases you can use "Occurrence" instead a noun "Event", when it comes to topics like matter, incident, happening, affair. popular alternative
Nearby Words: eventual, eventful, eventuality, eventless
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Occurrence noun – Something that happens.
Usage example: life is full of random occurrences

Event is a synonym for occurrence in happening topic. You can use "Event" instead a noun "Occurrence", if it concerns topics such as occasion, matter, incident, affair. popular alternative
Nearby Words: occur, occurring, occurence
Synonyms for Occurrence

How words are described

rare rare event rare occurrence
special special event special occurrence
particular particular event particular occurrence
similar similar event similar occurrence
Other adjectives: common, specific, regular, certain, single, actual, real, tragic, supernatural, major, funny, significant, random, next, strange, unlikely, last, recent, annual, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • I Was Just Joking Behind the scenes of the Superman comics, Clark's wedding to Lois had to be held back in order to coincide with the event's occurrence in Lois and Clark.
  • For most people, a unique once-in-a-lifetime occurrence is a rare event that may have long-lasting consequences.
  • Apathetic Citizens But in extreme fantasy it could be that the citizens ignore the flying horse, disappearing church, or whatever the event, because it is a common-place occurrence in that world.
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