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Exceptionally adverb – To an exceptional degree.
Particularly is a synonym for exceptionally in unusually topic. In some cases you can use "Particularly" instead an adverb "Exceptionally", when it comes to topics like specially. popular alternative
Nearby Words: exceptional, exception, exceptionable, exceptionality
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Particularly adverb – To a great degree.
Usage example: a particularly good explanation

Exceptionally is a synonym for particularly in especially topic. You can use "Exceptionally" instead an adverb "Particularly", if it concerns topics such as specifically, specially. popular alternative
Nearby Words: particular, particularize, particularity, particularise, particularized
Synonyms for Particularly

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Gotcha Force Painfully Slow Projectile: Several of the more powerful projectiles, particularly from low-ranked borgs, move exceptionally slow.
  • Odd Friendship The former is an exceptionally serious, stoic and analytical individual, albeit one whose stoic facade doesn't hold up all the time (particularly regarding her soft spot for Momo).
  • Wise Tree Naturally a Justified Trope since particularly large trees tend to be exceptionally old, and age equals wisdom, obviously.
    Source: Wise Tree
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