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Exotic adjective – Excitingly or mysteriously unusual.
Usage example: the gradual disappearance of exotic lands in a culturally homogenized world

Foreign is a synonym for exotic in behaviour topic. In some cases you can use "Foreign" instead an adjective "Exotic", when it comes to topics like property, native, mysterious, odd. popular alternative
Nearby Word: exoticism
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Foreign adjective – Being, relating to, or characteristic of a country other than one's own.
Usage example: more Americans should take an interest in foreign languages

Exotic is a synonym for foreign in behaviour topic. You can use "Exotic" instead an adjective "Foreign", if it concerns topics such as experience, alien, native, odd. popular alternative
Nearby Word: foreigner
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Things that words describes

woman exotic woman foreign woman
people exotic people foreign people
culture exotic culture foreign culture
land exotic land foreign land
Other nouns: language, accent, names, powers, lands.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / La Habanera In this instance, the point is that exotic and foreign places are dangerous and suspicious, and good German/Swedish people should stay in the homeland and avoid dangerous foreign ideas.
  • Video Game / Lunar: Eternal Blue Ambiguously Brown: Jean, one of many things employed to make her seem foreign and exotic.
  • Word of God states that it was used because there are almost no Christians in Japan, so the imagery would seem exotic and foreign, like how westerners view ninjas, samurai, etc., etc.
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