Expected and Prospective


Expected adjective - Being in accordance with the prescribed, normal, or logical course of events.

Prospective is a synonym for expected. In some cases you can use "Prospective" instead an adjective "Expected". popular alternative


Prospective adjective - Of or concerned with or related to the future.
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Synonyms for Prospective

Expected is a synonym for prospective in anticipated topic. You can use "Expected" instead an adjective "Prospective". popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • No one really minds, but it causes awkwardness since as Lord Sean's nephew and prospective heir, Johnny would be expected to marry and father sons.
  • Fanfic / Alexandra Quick Arranged Marriage: Constance and Forbearance are 'bespoke'- essentially, they're not technically engaged yet, but their prospective grooms, Benjamin and Mordecai Rash, will ask them to marry them after they've graduated, and it's expected that they'll say yes.
  • Creative jobs are useful in the Rom Com world, as they have a cool and glamorous ring to them, yet sound like there could be a decent expected income to support your prospective family.
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