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Expose verb – To reveal the true nature of.
Present is a synonym for expose in reveal topic. In some cases you can use "Present" instead a verb "Expose", when it comes to topics like uncover.
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Present verb – To bring before the public in performance or exhibition.
Usage example: we will present a performance of Our Town tomorrow evening

Expose is a synonym for present in display topic. Sometimes you can use "Expose" instead a verb "Present", if it concerns topics such as show, introduce.
Nearby Words: presentation, presence, presented, presently, presentable
Synonyms for Present

How words are described

real real expose real present
big big expose big present
huge huge expose huge present
new new expose new present

Common collocations

work expose work present work
man expose man present man
point expose point present point
plan expose plan present plan
Other nouns: bit, information, ring, evidence, arms, crimes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / The Outer Limits (1995) They also do the reverse with the man Aaron is trying to expose in the present as a former Nazi camp guard.
  • Film / Where Eagles Dare The Plan: The secondary plan to expose all of the other German spies present in Britain, deliver bogus D-Day plans and assassinate key officers of the Alpenkorps under the guise of a rescue attempt.
  • Worthless Yellow Rocks Present day variant: in the Lost episode "Expose," Nikki and Paolo essentially die because of some diamonds.
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