Expose and Show


Show Definitions
Expose verb – To make known (something abstract) through outward signs.
Usage example: the tight race for the championship exposed one team's mean streak

Show is a synonym for expose in uncover topic. In some cases you can use "Show" instead a verb "Expose", when it comes to topics like reveal.
Nearby Words: exposure, exposing
Synonyms for Expose


Show Definitions
Show verb – To present so as to invite notice or attention.
Usage example: fishing for compliments, the neighbors showed their new SUV to everyone on the block

Expose is a synonym for show in bare topic. You can use "Expose" instead a verb "Show", if it concerns topics such as reveal, actively exhibit something.
Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown
Synonyms for Show

How words are described

real real expose real show
new new expose new show

Common collocations

cleavage expose cleavage show cleavage
work expose work show work
body expose body show body
nature expose nature show nature
Other nouns: someone, world, bit, evidence, skin, pictures.

Both words in one sentence

  • Depraved Kids' Show Host Bubbles, who always watched the show, and believed it, rounded up all the money she could find, until Blossom and Buttercup managed to expose the truth.
  • The radio host tries to expose the truth on his show but his show caters to conspiracy theorists so he has no credibility with the general public.
  • Video Game / Papers, Please Ungrateful Bastard: The western journalists who show up with press passes instead of proper paperwork and expect to be let in to expose your country's corruption.
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