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Extent noun – A wide space or area.
Usage example: the seemingly endless extent of the windswept prairies

Span is a synonym for extent in range topic. In some cases you can use "Span" instead a noun "Extent", when it comes to topics like time, distance, big.
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Span noun – The distance or interval between two points.
Extent is a synonym for span in distance topic. You can use "Extent" instead a noun "Span", if it concerns topics such as time, size, big.
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How words are described

good good extent good span
full full extent full span
exact exact extent exact span
specific specific extent specific span
Other adjectives: certain, true, sheer, small, entire, massive, enormous, horrible, extraordinary, absurd, limited, significant, vast, greater, larger, maximum, higher.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / 21 & Over Extremely Short Time Span: Most of the film takes place over 24 hours or so, which is no surprise since the films that it mimics the formula of use this trope to some extent or another as well.
  • Cast From Life Span: A genie's magic is this to an extent: they can die if they overuse their powers on a broad (read: "global") scale for too long, presumably at the behest of their master.
  • Tabletop Game / Continuum To a lesser extent, GMs may elect for a Gemini to come with a higher Span version of the character, but this is rarely done.
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