Extent and Stretch


Extent noun - A wide space or area.
Usage example: the seemingly endless extent of the windswept prairies
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Synonyms for Extent

Stretch is a synonym for extent in area topic. In some cases you can use "Stretch" instead the word "Extent" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like place, range, time, magnitude. popular alternative

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Stretch noun - A wide space or area.
Usage example: a narrow stretch of beach below the cliffs

Extent is a synonym for stretch in expanse topic. You can use "Extent" instead a noun "Stretch", if it concerns topics such as place, time, distance, big. popular alternative

How words are described

good good extent good stretch
exact exact extent exact stretch
certain certain extent certain stretch
considerable considerable extent considerable stretch
Other adjectives: fair, annoying, small, entire, real, successful, large, great, serious, enormous, huge, dangerous, slight, impressive, major, minor, nightmarish, comedic.

Both words in one sentence

  • All of Xehanort's incarnations share similar Leitmotifs where riffs stretch across games in the series, to the extent a graph is needed to keep track of the ways tracks mix.
  • Film / The Seventh Seal He can be reasoned with, at least to the extent one can invite him to a game of chess and stretch out their lifeline for a slight reprieve.
  • Artistic License – Geography To a lesser extent, Interstate 94 runs roughly north-south between Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan, though the 22-mile stretch between New Baltimore and Marysville is northeast/southwest.
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