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Extort verb – To get (as money) by the use of force or threats.
Usage example: a school bully who was used to extorting lunch money from weaker kids

Force is a synonym for extort in extract topic. In some cases you can use "Force" instead a verb "Extort", when it comes to topics like cheat.
Nearby Words: extortion, extorting
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Force verb – To cause (a person) to give in to pressure.
Extort is a synonym for force in extract topic. You can use "Extort" instead a verb "Force", if it concerns topics such as obligate to do something, use violence upon.
Nearby Words: forceful, forced, forcible, forcefully, forcibly
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Common collocations

kiss extort kiss force kiss
cooperation extort cooperation force cooperation
people extort people force people
boy extort boy force boy
Other nouns: hand, world, information, heroes.

Both words in one sentence

  • However they have surrounded the Mountain with the aid of Thranduil and the Wood-Elves, who basically intend to extort a large share of the treasure by force, and were originally coming there to seize the treasure for themselves.
  • Rudy tried to extort money (and a year's worth of customers for him to eat) from them by cybersquatting on every possible web address McRoughage could use to force their hand.
  • Mugging the Monster: Happens a few times on Marduk when Mardukans try to poison the Marines or force them to fight in clan wars, and again on Earth when the mob tries to extort the cover operation and then kidnaps Nimashet.
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