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Fact noun – The quality of being actual.
Incident is a synonym for fact in event topic. In some cases you can use "Incident" instead a noun "Fact", when it comes to topics like occasion. popular alternative
Nearby Words: factor, factual, factually
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Incident noun – Something that happens.
Fact is a synonym for incident in occurrence topic. You can use "Fact" instead a noun "Incident", if it concerns topics such as matter, happening, occasion. popular alternative
Nearby Words: incidental, incidence, incidentally
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notable notable fact notable incident
particular particular fact particular incident
similar similar fact similar incident
certain certain fact certain incident
Other adjectives: true, single, disturbing, actual, real, massive, unfortunate, little, tragic, interesting, early, well-known, minor, above, strange, last, latter, different, historical, aforementioned.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Fanon belief seemed to grow from the kunai incident and the fact that Ibiki and she worked as proctors during the chunin exam.
  • Making things more complex is the fact that Sandor had previously saved Sansa from a mob intent on raping her during a riot, and the fact that Sansa seems to like her memory of this incident.
  • Despite the fact that the death count of the latter will reach roughly a hundred times higher than that of the White Phosphorous incident, the WP Incident is easily the more famous of the two.
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