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Fail verb – To stop functioning.
Lose is a synonym for fail. In some cases you can use "Lose" instead a verb "Fail".
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Synonyms for Fail


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Lose verb – To undergo defeat.
Usage example: she really hates to lose at anything, and inevitably throws tantrums when it happens

Fail is a synonym for lose in action topic. You can use "Fail" instead a verb "Lose", if it concerns topics such as mislay, forfeit, be defeated.
Nearby Words: loser, losing
Synonyms for Lose

Common collocations

power fail power lose power
part fail part lose part
job fail job lose job
number fail number lose number
Other nouns: time, way, level, money, game, fight, battle, times, points.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Hollows Batman Gambit: Some characters try to plan their way to victory, and more often than not they lose and fail.
  • Film / Next Goal Wins They play the typical sports arc straight at first, but it's ultimately subverted when they win their first game in the qualifiers, but in the end lose and fail to qualify.
  • However, you only lose the region if you fail completely (including evacuating instead of killing all enemies).
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