Female and Girl


Female noun - An adult female human being.
Usage example: the prospect of being in close company with females was the main reason why some males joined the amateur theater troupe

Girl is a synonym for female in woman topic. In some cases you can use "Girl" instead a noun "Female", when it comes to topics like person.


Girl noun - A youthful female person.
Usage example: the baby was a girl
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Synonyms for Girl

Female is a synonym for girl in woman topic. You can use "Female" instead a noun "Girl".

Nearby Words: girlish, girlhood, girlie

How words are described

human human female human girl
old old female old girl
normal normal female normal girl
alien alien female alien girl
Other adjectives: average, single, real, huge, blue, black, main, innocent, young, attractive, pretty, beautiful, hot, naked, random, last, said, older, teenage, blonde, badass.

Both words in one sentence

  • Everyone in the audition room other than Mackellen and Andy appear to have tomboyish names if they are female or girl names if they are male.
  • Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White has something of an Ill Girl Ball going between the young female characters (one suspects it's homing in on whoever it looks cutest on, given the way it goes...)
  • The Nth Doctor Castiel's alternative vessel was a 12 year old girl, Lucifer appeared as a woman in both Sam and Nick's dreams, and Raphael's second vessel was female.
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