Female and Lady


Female noun - An adult female human being.
Usage example: the prospect of being in close company with females was the main reason why some males joined the amateur theater troupe

Lady is a synonym for female in woman topic. In some cases you can use "Lady" instead the word "Female" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like person, womanlike. popular alternative


Lady noun - An adult female human being.
Usage example: “ladies and gentlemen, please observe closely,” said the magician
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Synonyms for Lady

Female is a synonym for lady in woman topic. You can use "Female" instead a noun "Lady". popular alternative

Nearby Words: lade, lad, ladyship

How words are described

human human female human lady
old old female old lady
looking looking female looking lady
certain certain female certain lady
Other adjectives: original, single, mature, strong, powerful, real, ugly, innocent, young, attractive, pretty, beautiful, leading, angry, hot, naked, pregnant, random, older, sexy, blonde.

Both words in one sentence

  • Up to WWI female teacher or lady's companion were synonyms of impoverished woman of good social standing.
  • Manga / Devilman In Nagai's hands he is very lady-like, when he is seen in Satan form Ryo becomes a woman, as Nagai draws his face with unmistakable female facial features and body curves; only other artists downplay Nagai's original design and maintain Ryo just in lady-like territory.
  • Series / Takeshi's Castle Big Beautiful Woman: The sumo Shinoburyo was named as "La Señora" ("The Lady") in Spain and always refered as female, which turned a bit creepy every time he appeared in his mawashi.
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