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Orbit noun – A particular environment or walk of life.
Usage example: he's out of my orbit

Sphere is a synonym for orbit in realm topic. In some cases you can use "Sphere" instead a noun "Orbit", when it comes to topics like influence, territory, round, sphere of influence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: orbited, orbiting, orbital
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Sphere noun – A particular environment or walk of life.
Usage example: his social sphere is limited

Orbit is a synonym for sphere in area topic. You can use "Orbit" instead a noun "Sphere", if it concerns topics such as realm, territory, round, domain of influence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: spherical, sphered, spheric, spheral, spherically
Synonyms for Sphere

How words are described

full full orbit full sphere
normal normal orbit normal sphere
perfect perfect orbit perfect sphere
complete complete orbit complete sphere
Other adjectives: round, entire, new, political, odd, strange, different, expanding.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dyson Sphere It also proposed a solar-cell sphere around the orbit of Mercury, held up by the solar-sail effect and leaving a gap around the ecliptic for the planets and the aforementioned cloud.
    Source: Dyson Sphere
  • Dyson Sphere Specifically, though the sphere itself is twice the size of Earth's orbit, it is contained within a slipspace bubble that is only 23 centimeters in normal space; due to this, time passes much slower inside the sphere than it does outside.
    Source: Dyson Sphere
  • Conveniently Close Planet In Star Fox 1, the planet Titania is visible as a large sphere from the low orbit of the planet Corneria (Sector X).
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