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Function noun – A social gathering.
Usage example: made a brief appearance at the annual holiday function

Party is a synonym for function in reception topic. In some cases you can use "Party" instead a noun "Function", when it comes to topics like group, society, festivity, social occasion.
Nearby Words: functional, functioning, functioned, functionary, functionality
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Party noun – A social gathering.
Usage example: we're all invited to the big party to celebrate the end of the year

Function is a synonym for party in social gathering topic. You can use "Function" instead a noun "Party", if it concerns topics such as group, society, festivity, reception.
Nearby Words: partying, parti
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How words are described

human human function human party
old old function old party
full full function full party
special special function special party
Other adjectives: original, single, active, actual, entire, real, little, main, new, major, different, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • There are several battles in which it's best to let the main character function as the group's healer rather than as the resident One-Man Party.
    Source: One-Man Party
  • Guest Star Party Member Kain and Rosa function as guests when they first join the party, departing again fairly quickly.
  • Mêlée à Trois In the old Soviet Union, the Communist Party, the Armed Forces, and the KGB tended to function as competing political power blocs.
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