Gone and Missing


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Gone adjective – No longer existing.
Usage example: woolly mammoths have been long gone

Missing is a synonym for gone in get topic. In some cases you can use "Missing" instead an adjective "Gone", when it comes to topics like lost, absence, not present. popular alternative
Nearby Words: go, goner, goneness
Synonyms for Gone


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Missing adjective – No longer possessed.
Usage example: the missing socks turned up in the dog's special hiding place

Gone is a synonym for missing in lost topic. You can use "Gone" instead an adjective "Missing", if it concerns topics such as get, absence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: miss, mission, missed
Synonyms for Missing

Things that words describes

friend gone friend missing friend
character gone character missing character
baby gone baby missing baby
part gone part missing part
Other nouns: wife, team, features, sister.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Powers Killed Off for Real: By the time of volume 3, a big chunk of the secondary cast is gone or missing in action.
  • She kept missing ev'ry other stroke And crying from the heart That while I was gone She'd gone and lost the knack!
  • Webcomic / Mokepon Heroic B.S.O.D.: Poor Professor Oak has pretty much gone insane since Gary went missing and was presumed dead.
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