Lost and Missing


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Lost adjective – No longer possessed.
Usage example: we searched all over the house for the lost keys

Missing is a synonym for lost in get topic. In some cases you can use "Missing" instead an adjective "Lost". popular alternative
Nearby Word: losing
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Missing adjective – No longer possessed.
Usage example: the missing socks turned up in the dog's special hiding place

Lost is a synonym for missing in get topic. You can use "Lost" instead an adjective "Missing", if it concerns topics such as gone. popular alternative
Nearby Words: miss, mission, missed
Synonyms for Missing

Things that words describes

parts lost parts missing parts
chapter lost chapter missing chapter
book lost book missing book
king lost king missing king
Other nouns: kid, child, items, chapters, limbs, memories, princess.

Both words in one sentence

  • To those unfamiliar with the workings of syndication, the shows that aren't part of the package currently shown on cable or their particular local station might conclude the other episodes are either missing or lost.
  • Tabletop Game / Changeling: The Lost Truth is, it's heavily implied that most Keepers don't even notice their slaves are missing, much less care, and part of the point of the game is that while horrible things were done to you, you gained something more than what you lost, even if what you lost was something you dearly valued.
  • Granted he lost his mom but some of the others have missing parents and Dead Little Sisters too.
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