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Good adjective – According to the rules of logic.
Usage example: you don't need a good reason to stop doing that—it's because I said so

Sound is a synonym for good in valid topic. In some cases you can use "Sound" instead the word "Good" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like reasoning, sensible, pleasant, true. popular alternative
Nearby Words: goodness, goodly, goody
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Sound adjective – According to the rules of logic.
Usage example: sound reasoning alone should tell you that the result is invalid

Good is a synonym for sound in reasoning topic. You can use "Good" instead the word "Sound" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as quality, strong and healthy, profitable, thrive. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sounded, soundness, soundly, sounding, sounder
Synonyms for Sound

How words are described

old old good old sound
long long good long sound
particular particular good particular sound
short short good short sound
Other adjectives: single, actual, little, new, traditional, general, classic, last, overall.

Things that words describes

work good work sound work
people good people sound people
idea good idea sound idea
reason good reason sound reason
Other nouns: game, advice, weapon, english, reasons, guys.

Both words in one sentence

  • And then the BBC decided to cut the interview short just when it was getting interesting, because they didn't think the sound quality was good enough.
  • Drive-In Theater This also means, if the car has good stereo, that the sound can be as good as that in a high-quality walk-in theater.
  • As shown in this The Gutters, you need a good letterer if you want your sound effect to make sense.
    Source: Sound Defect
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